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#1 WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

KUAMANGMEDIA.COM - Want to manage appointments and bookings on your WordPress site? WooCommerce Appointments is the perfect plugin for handling appointments on your own website. Fully integrated with WooCommerce, WordPress and Google Calendar. It is the best appointment scheduling software you can get right now. Request payments or accept appointments for free. This WooCommerce extension allows you to receive payments for appointments with little to no effort.
WordPress Appointment Plugin for Professionals

Appointments is professional WordPress Appointment Plugin, built for business that want to focus on their work and trust appointment scheduling to software that will full automate the workflow. It is very simple to install and no training is needed for staff to use it. It is hands down the best WooCommerce booking solution that allows you to accept payments for appointments with little to no effort. Works 24/7 and has more than 3 years of improvements and refinements behind it, so rest assured it will serve your business well into future.

Features #1 WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin :

Built on WooCommerce

It is WordPress appointment booking plugin built on top of WooCommerce, so you can use all WooCommerce features and extensions, without compromising your shop's integrity. You can accept all payment gateways WooCommerce supports.

Quick Setup

Plugin is very simple to use and install. It works fast and no programming knowledge or training for staff is required.

Extra Form Fields New!

Add-on fields (extra fields like checkboxes, options, inputs, color swatches and uploads) are included with Appointments. Each add-on field can provide additional cost and duration. You can also reduce appointment cost and duration with each field if you want.

2-way Google Calendar sync

Synchronization works both ways. Events from your Google calendar will be automatically synced with your site and vice-versa. Staff can also sync 2-ways to their own Google calendar with their appointments only.

Staff Management & Login

Assign multiple staff to appointments, manage calendars for each employee and allow them to login and set their availability however they like.

Flexible Availability Rules

Set custom availability for each calendar date, day or hour and set breaks for holidays. Set priority for each availability rule and override global availability for product and staff.

Flexible Capacity Rules

Increase or decrease available places for specific slot. Accept more customers, when you can or decrease available capacity when you are too busy.

Flexible Pricing Rules

Set custom pricing rules that for any date, day, hour or combination of both. Also set pricing that is different for each staff or quantity booked.

Timezone Conversion New!

Available time slots are automatically converted to vistior's timezone. Timezone can also be changed manually. Customer will see appointments in their selected timezone (in emails, orders, account,...), whereas staff will always see appointments in site's timezone.


Appointments plugin is fully integrated with the WordPress and WooCommerce REST API. This allows all Appointments data to be read using requests in JSON format. WooCommerce REST API Authentication method is used and standard HTTP verbs which are understood by most HTTP clients.

Extended / Reduced Duration

Offer extended duration with add-on fields. You can extend duration for months, days, hours or minutes and also offer reduced duration for selected options. Schedule appointments for multiple days at a time.

Charge for Service Delivery

You can apply custom shipping and delivery costs, based on location of your customer. Use default WooCommerce shipping zones that automates service delivery cost calculation.

Scheduling window, Lead time

Set how much in advance customers can schedule an appointment. Scheduling Window prevents scheduling too far in advance.

Padding / Buffer time

Specify how many days, hours or minutes of padding (additional time) you need between appointments. Useful if you need extra time to prepare for next session.

Confirm / Cancel / Reschedule New!

Allow you customers to cancel or reschedule their appointments without your assistance. You can also require staff approval before appointments are confirmed and paid for by the customer.

Insert as Shortcode

Insert your appointment forms wherever you want (blocks, widgets, pages, posts,..) with a simple WordPress shortcode.

Multilingual / Multi-currency

Use WooCommerce Appointments plugin with the best-known multilingual plugins such as Loco, MultilingualPress, WPML, qTranslate or Polylang.

Developer Friendly

Code developed according to WordPress and WooCommerce standards. Clean, commented with hooks for developers to easily make customizations.

White Label

Customize the plugin to your brand by changing primary calendar color inside Customizer. Our brand isn't outlined anywhere in admin or front.

Plugin Integrations

Integrated with popular WooCommerce extensions: WPML, Polylang, Twilio SMS Notifications, Print Invoices / Packing Lists, Point of Sale, Memberships, Email Follow Ups, Gravity Forms Product Add-ons, Deposits, Box Office (Tickets), Extra Product Options and Create Customer on Order.

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